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Rancho-Snowfall Alpines and LaManchas is located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, at about 8,000 feet above sea level. I have been breeding since 1999, but the Rancho-Snowfall herd name was originally the 24 year endevor of Rose Snow. I strive to breed structurally sound Alpines and LaManchas that are competitive in the milk pail and show ring while maintaining longevity.
705 S. Shields   Fort Collins, CO   80521
Telephone: (970)-420-4133
1156977974   Posted: Wed Aug 30 18:46:14 2006

Meadow Stone Farm
We started with a wether named Francois; then went back to buy his mother from our goat mentor at Daughters' Farm in Moosup - we have been learning from Cecile who has been in the business breeding the best of the best in Saanens for 40 years - she is a world of knowledge. We sell our raw goat milk soaps around the world, and the have been described across the continent as "the best ever." We have just recently received our Grade A Raw milk license, and will be working on cheese when our Micro-Dairy cheese equipment arrives late this summer - it is being shipped from Europe.
1156369853   Posted: Wed Aug 23 17:50:53 2006

I found pygmies in 1983 and pygoras in 1989. I love them both for different reasons. My pygmies are friendly, some very nice show animals and fun to be around. My pygoras are quite precocious, have terrific fleeces and are extremely hardy. I love to chat with people interested in my goats and welcome visits to talk about them.
538 Lamson Rd   Lysander , NY   13027
Telephone: 315-678-2812
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): pygmy, pygora  
1156361660   Posted: Wed Aug 23 15:34:20 2006

Moon Spinner
I purchased two nigerians as pets six years ago and now have a herd of 14 in western NY. I am breeding for elegant, stylish minis of correct structure, health and temperament plus rock em, sock em udders. Bloodlines I'm currently working with are Springs Run, Sugar Creek and Gay-Mor. Looking to add quality blue eyes in 2007. Nigies are my passion!
1155827424   Posted: Thu Aug 17 11:10:24 2006

Hoanbu Dairy Goats
The Hoanbu herd was registered with ADGA in 1988. The name comes from the first 2 letters of each of my names (at the time.) HOlly ANn BUroker Since my marriage to Adam in 2004, I'm now known as Holly Buroker-Edwards, or simply Holly Edwards. We've come a long way since our orginal 2 does: "Goatsie," an alpine-type grade doe and "Floppy," a Nubian-type grade doe. Goatsie started our American Alpine line and Floppy started our American Saanen line. A purebred Nubian doe kid was purchased in 1990 to start our purebred Nubian line, and through the use of 1 American buck, our American Nubian line as well. The herd is composed entirely of homebred does; that one doe in 1990 was the last doe that Hoanbu purchased. We take great pride in this fact-- all does we show proudly carry our HOANBU herdname.
1605 Township Road 216   Bellefontaine, OH   43311
Telephone: 937-441-0607
  Species: goat
  Breed(s): Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, Recorded Grade  
1155526753   Posted: Sun Aug 13 23:39:13 2006

HSJ Boer Goats
We got our start in the Goat industry innocently enough when my teenage daughter wanted to start showing goats with the FFA Chapter of Munford High School, in Munford, TN. As I look back on it, my wife and I had no idea of what this would develop into. This has grown into a full time job for us. We are active in showing and really enjoy traveling with our goats. In fact, our goal is to produce competitive show quality stock and our success in the show ring is proving our success in this endeavor. We now have multiple bloodlines that include many Ennobled names like Mojo Magic *Ennobled, Bingo’s Superman *Ennobled, Winchester *Ennobled, 2sis 324M *Ennobled, Bingo *Ennobled, Yabu *Ennobled, BDF M08 *Ennobled, Bull Dog *Ennobled, Big Dog *Ennobled, and Codi Queen. We almost always have something for sale so check with us before your next purchase.
Telephone: 901-870-5825
  Species: Full South African Boer Goats
  Breed(s): Full South African Boers
1154818437   Posted: Sat Aug 5 18:53:57 2006

Red Lotus
The Japanese are always ahead of the game, strong, diligent, yet quiet and peaceful.Here at Red Lotus, that's what I strive for in my Nigerians! Quality is what I breed and raise here, so stop by and see what I have to offer to you! All kids born here are handled from birth so you receive a wonderful little goatie to add to your own family or herd. Sincerely, Giga-Cat
1154138106   Posted: Fri Jul 28 21:55:06 2006

Laurel Haven
Laurel Haven Nigerian Dwarf goats is located in Central Pennsylvania at the base of the Laurel Creek Dam and Laurel Mountains. We raise healthy, quality show & pet Nigerian Dwarf goats. Our kids are raised with lots of TLC to be very people friendly and make great show & pet goats. We have lots of photos and information on our goats at our website, so come see and enjoy!
1154110590   Posted: Fri Jul 28 14:16:30 2006

Little William and his fainting does
Little William is a Billy goat but he doesn't like to be called Billy. His girls are NaNa Lilly, Girty and LOLA the baby. LOLA thinks she should be a house pet and comes in through the doggy door whenever she can. I find her asleep on the lounge chair. When I make her get up she gives a very loud MAAA and faints. I always feel guilty about this. She comes when called and acts much like a dog. We love her dearly. If I'm upset about something I sit and cuddle my LOLA and I feel my body relax. I hate the thought of her growing up.She is half black and half white, but has a perfect heart on the white part of her back. So fitting!
Telephone: 352-237-8599
  Species: Tenn. Fainting Goats, Great Pyrenees
  Breed(s): Tenn. Fainting Goats, Great Pyrenees
1153883270   Posted: Tue Jul 25 23:07:50 2006

Rose Ranch Boer Goats
We name our Boer Goat Herd name after the ranch that has been in the family since 1864 by land grant and has always has been called the Rose Ranch by everyone that has known the family. We are one of the only over 200 acres ranches and the house part of the property is still considered to be in the city limits.
Po Box 470   Tracy, CA   95378
Telephone: 209-9`14-7655
  Species: Goat
  Breed(s): Boer Goats  
1153538084   Posted: Fri Jul 21 23:14:44 2006

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