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Regular Auctions




As individuals or organizations, anyone or any group is allowed to sell appropriate items at the ComeToTheFarm Auction for the generation of personal or group income.  There is no fee for listing or selling items, but we reserve the right to do so in the future.  We continue to look for ways to offer FREE items, and your support of our advertisers will help us to that!   


Benefit Auctions

We are offering approved charities and others the opportunity to raise funds through online auctions on the ComeToTheFarm. We have helped raise thousands of dollars for research, and have opened that opportunity to other deserving projects.  Following are some of the groups  we might approve for inclusion.   We will focus primarily on projects that are involved with the farm community in some way, and demonstrate good organizational plans for conducting the promotion, administration and reporting of their Auction.

* Non-profit Organizations
* Disaster Assistance Funding
* Research Projects
* Community  Projects
* Family Emergencies

For a List of Current Benefit Auctions - Go Here



Here's more information on having a successful auction




To apply, send a message to Khimaira with the following information:

Administrator of Auction
The  contact person as described above.  Include name, address and telephone number.
List of involved parties: 
This could be the organization's officers or others with decision-making responsibilities.
A complete description of the aspects of the Auction:
This will be provided in an information page for review by buyers and sellers.  If there is a website with additional information, please provide that URL.  Describe the date this effort began and a brief history to date. 
 Financial Goal:
Not required, but recommended.
Time Frame:
When would you like to begin?   How long do you want to run the auction?  We suggest 60-90 days, but longer is not a problem for us.  If you have a stated goal amount, you could run until your goal is reached.  You want to have enough time to get the word out. For some auctions, it would be very helpful to have notices in the various club newsletters, which requires some lead time.

Details of  other funding sources
What other sources of funding  are you receiving; have applied for; or are considering.


Once the requested information is received, Khimaira will review the request and make a decision as quickly as possible. If approved, the Benefit Auction will  be added to the list, and your promotion of the project can begin.  If the request is not approved, the parties can reapply at a later date.  

NOTE:  Remember, we provide this as a free service, and we need to work around our schedule for paying customers :) Please allow approximately two weeks for us to get the necessary programming for the auction in place, once approved.

We would appreciate your acknowledgement of this service by Khimaira in your advertising for the event, with a link to or

 Other provisions:

Please review the policies of auction sales.  We will not allow any illegal activities or illegal items for sale.  This is a family site, and will do not allow adult orientated items for sale.  We reserve the right to delete any Auctions that don't comply with our policies.


Administrator's Responsibilities

The effectiveness of the Auction Administrator will be the  key to a successful Benefit.   Roles will include:

  • Promote the Auction and seek donations
  • Assist users who may have difficulties with completing the donation process
  • We suggest you send a note of thanks to each person donating, and let them know you will follow up when a purchase is made.
  • Answer questions about the Auction   
  • Act as liaison, if necessary, for following up on receiving payments and ensuring that auction purchases are shipped to buyer.
  • Review Closed Auction Items to make sure all purchases are paid for and credited promptly.   
  • Provide a reporting to Khimaira within 30 days of close of the Auction.  This will just be a summary of total income received and a list of any unpaid or unresolved Auctions.

Khimaira Offers To:

  • Provide the mechanism for conducting the Auction.
  • Provide a page of information for the auction.
  • Maintain the Auction script and provide enhancements and improvements in any way we can.
  • Pay for the bandwidth used by auction traffic.
  • Answer users' questions as promptly as possible, which may mean referring them to the Auction Administrator, if applicable.
  • Provide technical assistance as necessary 
  • Assist Administrator and User in any way we can to help facilitate a positive experience for all. 
  • All assistance is provided free of charge for the Benefit Auctions.


We hope you enjoy the Auction!


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