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ItemClosesBidsHigh Bid
  MegaBucks: United News - 1989 - 35th spotlight sale catalog 2/191$1.00
  MegaBucks: Dairy Goat Journal - March 1993 2/261$1.00
  MegaBucks: Assorted United Caprine News - range 1985 - 1990 2/263$5.50
  MegaBucks: Valentine's Day Goats Milk Soaps 2/714$26.50
  MegaBucks: Gift Basket of Happy Lather Soap Company products 2/1724$61.00
  MegaBucks: One of a Kind Hand Crafted Goat Bucket Bag 2/2114$47.00
  MegaBucks: Goat's Milk Body Products Gift Basket 2/2310$19.00
  MegaBucks: Alpaca animal 11x7 inches 2/255$15.75
  MegaBucks: Goat Milk Shaving Soap Set 2/2012$21.00
  MegaBucks: Goats Milk Soap & Body Products Gift Basket 2/2010$16.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: $300 kid certificate from Blue Unicorn Farm 2/710$140.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: Anin's Guernsey kid 2/128$210.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: $250 - 2016 KID CERTIFICATE FROM SHADY LAWN 2/207$110.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: $300 - 2016 KID CERTIFICATE FROM OBER-BOERD 2/2023$300.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 5 STRAWS SEMEN *B Rockin-CB KV Backdraft 2/173$52.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 2 STRAWS SEMEN FROM TONKA-TAILS COURT JESTER 2/173$106.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 5 STRAWS OBERHASLI SEMEN DEIDRAGO TRST 'NCENDIO 2/174$77.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 10 STRAWS SG +*B des Ruhigestelle Eins AS1429931 2/217$110.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 10 STRAWS +*B REDWOOD HILLS JAZZ RIMROCK AA1568087 2/223$85.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 10 STRAWS *B Olentangy Lance Tahoma AA1516531  2/224$110.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: 5 STRAWS +*B SGCH Willow-Lane Azaria AS1474577P  2/231$50.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: $25 gift certificate to Shadow Seven!!! 2/115$11.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: Montana Emu Ranch Gift Basket 2/177$50.00
  Brandi Giachino Benefit: Andis Cordless Rechargeable Horse Trimmer Set 2/722$51.00
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