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ItemClosesBidsHigh Bid
  Alpines International Benefit: 5 straws +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Handel Guy Noir 3/203$55.00
  Alpines International Benefit: 5 straws of +*B SG Tempo Aquila Zodiac 3/2013$180.00
  Alpines International Benefit: SAGE AG LABS- 5 Goat Blood Pregnancy Tests 3/204$16.00
  Alpines International Benefit: SAGE AG LABS- 5 Goat CAE Tests 3/202$14.00
  Alpines International Benefit: 5 straws CH Iron-Rod Rhett Manchester - PB French 3/212$60.00
  MegaBucks: Goat Design Convertible Clutch Bag  2/288$52.00
  MegaBucks: Black & White Crystal & Gemstone Bracelet Watch 3/314$24.00
  MegaBucks: Turquoise Necklace, Bracelet, & Earring Set 3/49$16.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Munchin Hill 2015 French Alpine Buck Kid 2/284$410.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Sparkling Acres Buck Kid 3/214$210.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: +*B GCH Little Orchard TF Pine Baron (LM) 3/213$155.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Pygmy Goats: the Best of Memos 3/70$5.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Special Veterinary Books 3/90$10.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Goat Standards Books Published by DGJ 3/93$27.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Beginner Goat Books 3/90$10.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Goat Field Day Manuals & Making Money with Goats 3/90$10.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Beginner Goat Books 2 3/90$10.00
  2016 ADGA National Show: Classic Veterinary Books 3/92$20.00
  TVDGA: MOTHER EARTH NEWS THUMB DRIVE 1970-2013 3/203$35.00
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